Organized July 12, 2008                 A non-profit, 501-c-3 organization
Dallas/Fort Worth Region


As the baby boomers age, one segment of the deaf/hearing-impaired community that is going to grow -  
bolstered by both the natural aging of deaf/hearing-impaired baby boomers and the baby boomers who lose  
hearing at late age. This large population is going to need specialized nursing homes, organizations, retirement  
communities, and for some, specialized hospice services.

The magnitude and complexity of the problems and needs of deaf/hearing-impaired senior citizens are so great.   
Because there is so much which must be done and because no one person, organization, agency, or institution  
can attempt successfully more than a portion of the total objectives, it will be the primary purpose of the North  
Texas Deaf Senior Citizens (NTDSC) to fill current and future needs of deaf/hearing-impaired senior citizens.  It  
also will seek to fill the needs which are not now being met fully, or it will encourage other agencies or  
organizations to meet the needs. To buy term papers online on the topic you need to fill in the form at our site.

         OUR MISSION

NTDSC is a non-profit organization serving all deaf/hearing-impaired persons without regard to race, religion,  
sex, disability or nationality.  The mission of NTDSC is to assist with the independent living and promote the  
overall well-being of all deaf/hearing-impaired senior citizens in North Texas by:

• keeping deaf/hearing-impaired senior citizens from being isolated or homebound.
• Giving them opportunities for social interaction and enjoyment.
• Providing leisure activities for challenging mental alertness.
• Conducting tours when possible.
• Providing seminars dealing with issues impacting their well-being and
• Acquainting those senior citizens with national, state, and local resources
  that will contribute to their positive image and fuller participation in the
  mainstream NTDSC.
• Advocating the rights of deaf/hearing-impaired senior citizens.


NTDSC was incorporated as a domestic non-profit organiation on July 14, 2008  See document . . .  Note:  
Application for tax-exempt status under Section 501-c-3 is in the hands of IRS now for review.  It will take awhile  
to hear from IRS.

IRS stamped the date -- January 31, 2009 -- on the letter of ruling to declare that NTDSC is tax-exempt under  
Section 501-c-3 of the IRS CodeSee document . . .