Bert Hill, Sara Harris and Mack Harris

RoyAnn McCabe and Pat Covell checking the list of attendees.

Western style table decoration

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Different Rx bottles for each person prescribed by Dr. NTDSC

Dot Johnson as Emcee

Sandra Barnes-Smith as Event Coordinator

Certificate of Appreciation to
Iris Goldstein (left) from Sandra Barnes-Smith
in recognition of her valuable contribution to organizing the educational/field trips

Certificate of Appreciation to
Sara Harris (left) from Sandra Barnes-Smith
in recognition of her valuable contribution to the NTDSC newsletters.

Certificate of Appreciation to
Mack Harris (left) from Sandra Barnes-Smith
in recognition of his contribution of 5-year service and leadership to NTDSC

Certificate of Appreciation to
Sandra Barnes-Smith (left) from Mack Harris, NTDSC President
"Thank you for taking up an idea to make a difference to the lives
of deaf/hard-of-hearing senior citizens in North Texas"

First half: $25 Door Prize Winners: Renon Green and Wyndell Rodriquez

Second half: $25 Door Prize Winners: Allan F. Bubeck, Jr. and Neisha Young

Shirley Heffington (left) with Patty Covell and Larry Smith as Starbuck Prize Winners
Patty got a bag of Starbuck coffee while Larry got $25 Starback gift certificate
Tom Heffington (Shirley's son) donated the two prizes.

Laural Brasel singing a song "Oh!!! Jungle Bell"

Shirley Heffington and Dot Johnson singing a song "America the Beautiful"

Don Hahn, President of Houston Deaf Senor Citizens Love Fund
congratulating NTDSC for its 5 successful years

Larry Kronk and Andrew Filowiat
displaying their special attire

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Our Anniversary Cake

Many thanks to the committee for their hard work!
Front row: Chairperson Sandra Barnes-Smith, Dot Johnson, Sara Harris, Margie Coggins-Peckham,
Shirley Heffington, RoyAnn McCabe and Patty Covell
Back row: Mack Harris, Bert Hill and John Coggins-Peckham

Hayride after the celebration event . . . Southfork House in far background

Some of us took the house tour.

"The Dallas TV Show" is over!  :(

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