North Texas Deaf Senior Citizens
Short Field Trip

Jouney back to where bowling began.

Tour map
Self-Guided Tour includes:
1. Bowling Greats
     * Begin your tour with the great bowling legends!
2. Egyptian exhitibit
     * Bowling history can be traced back to early Egypt
3. Bowling in Europe
     * Unique European bowling games; interactive question & answer boards
     * Nine-pin set:-example of lawn bowling
4. Bowling Comes to America
     * Telephones - listen to ladies as they talk about their bowling experiences
        in the late 1890’s
     * Pin Boys - Ronnie tells about his job as a pin boy
     * Newsstand - learn how bowling history parallels US and World history
5. Bowling Comes to Television
     * See how television influenced bowling in the 1950’s and 1960’s
6. The International Bowling Theater
      * Video-approximate run time 10 minutes
7. Youth Bowling
     * Bowlopolis - virtual & real world programs to excite children about bowling
     * Coaches Corner - answer questions about bowling techniques
     * Where is Carmen Salvino? Travel with Carmen as he bowls around the world
8. Science & Technology of Bowling
     * Learn about lane construction and design. See how pins and balls are
9. Highway 66 Bowling Lanes
     * 2 small bowling lanes where you can test your bowling ability
10. Reichert Learning Center
     * Available for research
11. Hall of Fame
     * View information on National Hall of Fame inductees
12. Spare Partz Gift Shop & exit

Getting ready for a tour.

Bowling orginiated (started) in Egypt.

Old-time 9 bowling pins (not 10 -- tenpins)

See how bowling pins and balls change over time.

This pinboy can talk.

Some senior citizens were thrilled to see this
because TSD had similar machine in the old gym.

Malfunctioned (not-working) pinball machine

How bowling pins are made in stages.

How bowling balls are made in stages.

Fun begins.

$104 a pair

That's all, Folks!


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