Group Picture

• Country Schoolhouse Christmas Exhibit (Early Schools in Bosque County)
• The Horn Shelton Room & Exhibit (Native American Themes)
• The Norwegian Room (Traditional Norwegian Christmas Tree & Victorian Room)

Norwegian Descendants
Cindy Nagy, Dorothy Johnson, Laural Brasel, Shirley Heffington and Carolyn Stem

The Bosque Art Center, formally known as Bosque Conservatory is a non-profit cultural art center. Included under its umbrella are the Art Council, Art Club, Photography Guild, Pottery Guild, Culinary Club, and the Tin Building Theatre. Classes are held regularly in the classrooms of the old college building. Some of our classes include: Karate, Guitar, Weaving, Crochet, Bridge, Yoga, Jewelry Making, Watercolor, Figure Drawing, and Floral Design. Housed on the second floor is our main gallery including the permanent collection acquired from our Annual Conservatory Art Classic and Photography Room for special exhibits. Our Tin Building Theatre has several dinner theatres, regular evening performances, and matinees for each of their shows every season.

Clifton Mayor Fred Volconsek (center) as our tour guide with
Sue Brown (left) and Lynne Duval (right) as interpreters.

prepared and served by
Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors at Clifton Civic Center

Completely restored to its 1930’s look and is the oldest community -- continually operating theatre in Texas.
Every piece of molding, light fixtures and, yes, even film equipment has been restored.

Even FREE popcorn for everyone

Many years ago, a drunken cowboy was waiting in line and waving his gun around
when a constable decided enough is enough and tried to wrestle it from his
hand. Upon doing so, the gun went off and the bullet passed through the leg of a
man waiting in line. The bullet struck the side of the floor covering building, leaving
an indention in the wall that can still be seen today.

Now owned by Steven and Cathy Harr, the more than 100 year-old home is known as the Jodie Seljos home.
The house has been renovated by the Harrs and the quiet, rural setting entices
you to sit by a nice, cozy fire during winter months.

The father of Norwegian immigration to America
is buried in the cemetery of this church.

KRUMKAKE, meaning bent or curved cake, is a Norwegian waffle cookie made of flour,
butter, eggs, sugar, and cream.  Krumkake are traditionally made during the Christmas season.