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Where is Denton?  About 40 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth

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The Bayless-Selby's Victorian House, built in 1884, gives visitors vivid pictures of how people lived, worked and spent time together in late 1800's and early 1900's.

Samuel A. Bayless and his wife, Mary, came to Denton from Monroe County, Tennessee.  In 1884, he purchased a two-room farmhouse, the one-story part of the museum.  Later, they built a two-story Victorian Queen Anne-style addition.  Samuel died in 1919.  Mary sold the house in 1920 to R. L. Selby, Sr. and his wife, Mary.  The Selby family retained ownership until 1970.  The house was moved from 1301 Myrtle Street, Denton in 1998.  After restoration, the house opened as the Bayless-Selby House Museum in 2001.

Cut-hair from a dead body in the frame

Close-up of the cut hair

Braided hair as jewelery like necklace

A family posed in a picture with a dead daughter (center)

Hand-made coffin

Virginia Barlow is jokingly slamming a roller at John Coggins-Peckham.

The word 'sink' comes from a bowl made of zinc (pronunciation)

Old-fashioned ice box

Buying ice boxes by weight from the window

3-day wake including lots of flowers to keep the room smell good

  Embalming took place in a bedroom -- not at any funeral home

  Embalming tools

Quakertown House -- Built in 1904 by H. F. Davidson at 607 Bell Avenue in the African American community of Quakertown, this house was purchased by C. Ross Hembry in 1919.  He sold the land to the City of Denton for $2,700 in 1922 and moved the structure to 1113. E. Hickory, in Solomon Hill, now Southeast Denton, when the citizens of Denton voted to make the area a park and remove the entire neighborhood.  In 2004, the house was moved to this Park and dedicated as the Denton County African American Museum on February 16, 2008.



The first courthouse in Denton was a two-story frame structure on the north side of the downtown square. The building burned in 1875, destroying most of the county records. A brick courthouse was then built in the center of the square, a two-story building with a tall central tower. Lightning damaged that building and it was condemned and demolished in 1894. Construction of the present Courthouse-on-the-Square began in 1895. The cornerstone was laid in 1896, and the courthouse was dedicated in 1897.

Artifacts Collections

American Pressed Blue Glass 1860 - 1960; Dolls 19th and 20th centuries; Indian Pottery; Denton County Pottery, mid 1800s-early 1900s; Denton County Photographs; Furniture, 1845-1930's, Weaponry, 1600s to present; Denton County Memorabilia,1860s - 2000; Toys early 1900s; Pecan Art Figurines; Pecan Folk Art Thimbles and Sewing Collectibles; Denton County research material and cemetery records from 1857 - present



FREE ADMISSION! Saturday, October 27, 2012 10 am - 9 pm. Located outdoors @ Industrial & Hickory St. in Denton, Texas. Come enjoy:  Live Music, Coffin Soap Box Races, Storytelling, Dancing, Daredevil Sideshow, Local Vendors, Food, Arts & Crafts and so much more! Inspired by David Pierce’s “Cirque de Horror” Halloween production, this celebration embraces the traditions of the harvest season, Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. Outdoor festivities and Denton’s unique and welcoming community atmosphere guarantee an experience the whole family will remember! Come in costume!”

Coffin Soap Box Races

Denton Firefighters Collection Span from 1800's to Modern Day

New York City World Trade Center Steel
10th Anniversary Dedication

In memory of the lives lost on September 11, 2001
To honor all who sacrifice that we may live in freedom.

We remember you.  We thank you.

With the unique checker-board floors, marble top counter, antique-style round tables, wire-backed chairs and pressed metal ceiling so familiar to ice cream parlors of long ago, Beth Marie's has created the perfect gathering place for friends and family. 

Pairing the over one hundred famous homemade flavors of ice cream, (made on the premises), with the fresh waffle cones which are made right before your eyes, this combination could please almost any palate! Maybe you would rather try an old fashioned ice cream soda made from the antique soda fountain. Whatever tasty treat you decide on, Beth Marie’s is the perfect spot for meeting after a movie or sporting event.

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