First, President Mack Harris announced 'We are Number One' at General
Meeting on August 4th.  Then the officers came to the stage as cheerleaders
waving the placards and the members sitting in the back wondered why???

Then, President Mack Harris broke the news that NTDSC won the award.

Then, the members joined in waving the placards.

So the award-winning celebration party followed one month later.

NTDSC President Mack Harris (right) accepting the award (11" tall)  from
DSA Board Member Nancy Rarus (left) and DSA President Jim Potter (center)
at DSA Board Meeting in Chicago on September 2nd.

Courtesy of Deaf Seniors of America

Margie Coggins-Peckham giving instructions

John Coggins-Peckham (left) and Chairperson Bad Bob Barlow (right)

Bad Bob Barlow (red polo shirt) introduced visitors --
Patsy Walker (white blouse in middle) from Houston,
Marcia Green (blue blouse at right) and
Rennon Green (white shirt at right) from Temple

NTDSC President Mack Harris (right) got a special award from
Laural Brasel (left) representing the Celebration Committee.

NTDSC Newsletter Editor Sara Harris (center) got hers too from
Bad Bob Barlow (right)
representing the Celebration committee


Committee (l-r): Margie Coggins-Peckham, Virginia Barlow, Kay Stockton,
Joan Picou, Laural Brasel and Chairperson Bad Bob Barlow

That's All, Folks!