Traffic Control

Visitors registering

Meeting visitors

Program begins with Heritage Square Directors Mont (center) and LaTonne Stout (left)
and Betty DeVries (right) interpreting

The majority of letter writing services at require prior registraton.

WGH-Heritage, Inc President Doug Sweeney speaking

Jeff Bryant (President of Management, WGH--Heritage, Inc.) speaking

First DEAF, Inc. President Jack Earwood speaking

DARS/DHHS Director David Myers speaking
Ann Horn, Direct Services Program Specialist of DARS/DHHS, speaking

NTDSC President Mack Harris speaking
Rev. Aric Randolph speaking
Facility tour begins at the lobby.

Heirtage Square Assisted Living Director LaTonne Stout explaining

Model room

Special wall ornaments in the hallway where deaf/blind persons live.

Lunch time
Dessert time
Or quick ones

Relaxing and socializing

Mildred Wood (with pink blouse) at 99 years old with two hearing daughters behind

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