FEBRUARY 8, 2011

Photographers: Dianna Elledge, Margie Coggins-Peckham and Mack Harris

We first met at tent with Sid Johnson (center with beige jacket).  Sid is deaf himself and
works as Tour Guide for deaf people.  He will be available whenever called by deaf persons at the stadium.

How big is the stadium?

Walking by the rear entrance

Lots of art work inside the stadium

See temporary bleachers blocking the main entrance

One of many concessions

Some more temporary bleachers blocking view from the concession area to the field

World's largest TV screen costing $40 million while only $35 million to build the whole old Texas Stadium

One of the four seat section was unistalled and left closed.

No seats in four pink areas (boxes)

Jerry Jones' Private Bunker

Inside Jerry Jones' Private Bunker

A group of NTDSC members

Elevated down to the basement (50 feet from the football field and 100 feet from the ground level)

Walking on two-way road for 18-wheel trucks delivering goods

The area where the Green Bay Pakcers entered the football field

Close-up of confetti

Someone forget his lunch???

Cheerleaders' locker room

Football stuff in warehouse

Tarp strip

Visitors' (Pittsburgh Steelers) locker room

"Outlet Mall" selling everything at 50% price

Statue of Tom Landry outside the front entrance

After the tour, a trolley brought visitors around the stadium back to the rear entrance where their cars were parked.

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