North Texas Deaf Senior Citizens
Field Trip to Tyler, Texas for

October 16, 2010


Waiting for the last bus stop in Mesquite --
the bus now picking up riders in Irving and then Richardson.

Bert Hill briefly explained about the rose business.  He learned from his brother.

Stopped at Love's in Van, Texas for a short break.

About the 1859 Goodman-LeGrand House & Museum

In 1859, before the Civil War, a Tyler attorney and bachelor named Samuel Gallatin Smith built a one-story four room house on the highest knoll of a nine acre tract, among trees and natural rock outcroppings, and called it his “Bonnie Castle”. Before going to war as a Confederate Captain, Mr. Smith sold the house to Mr. Franklin N. Gary in 1861. After the war in 1866, Mr. Gary sold his home to Dr. Samuel Adams Goodman, who had relocated his family to Smith County from South Carolina nine years earlier. His son, a Confederate Major and general surgeon, Dr. William Jeffries Goodman, purchased the home from his father for his new bride, Mary Priscilla Gaston, upon their marriage in 1867.

Dr. and Mrs. W.J. Goodman raised three children here, Sallie, Will and Etta Goodman. The second story was added around 1880 in the “Texas Colonial” or Italianate style. In 1893, Sallie married James LeGrand and they both continued to live in the family home, which Sallie inherited upon her father’s death in 1921. The house was remodeled in 1926 when two-story columns and rounded porticos were added to the façade in the Greek Revival style, which is how it looks today. Much of the community activity in the early days of Tyler centered around the Goodman home.

Upon her death in 1939, Sallie Goodman LeGrand bequeathed the nine acres and the palatial home, with all the original family furnishings, to the City of Tyler, with the intent that her home be open as a museum for future generations to enjoy. Today the Goodman-LeGrand House & Museum is located in downtown Tyler, on the original nine acres now called the LeGrand Park & Gardens.

One of hand-painted plates by Sallie Goodman LeGrand

Stopped at Potpourri House for dinner.

Inside the Gift Shop

Went to Rose Garden Center and then Rose Museum at same location.

The face of an alligator in earth (tree root)

This fooled us as we thought it was one of the plants.

Click on this picture to make it bigger.

Waiting for the bus

Stopped at Dairy Queen for light treat or ice cream in Canton, Texas.

Going home . . .


Photographers: Bert Hill, Laura Hill, Dianna Elledge, Sara Harris and Mack Harris

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