Appetizier begins

Minnie Collins as Christmas Dinner Chairlady begins the program.

Andrew Filowiat sang "Jingle Bell".

Patsy Smith (left) and Larry Kronk in charge of 9 different prizes

Mildred Crenshaw -- Fruit Basket Prize Winner

Jerry Mikus, Sr -- Fruit Basket Prize Winner

Jane Wood -- Turkey Basket Prize Winner

RoyAnn McCabe -- Ham Basket Prize Winner

Phylis Stockton -- Fruit Basket Prize Winner

Four $25 Door Prize Winners (l-r): Iris Goldstein, Patricia Peters, Barry Blalock and Mary Mason

Minnie Collins (left) and June Greer sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".

Ray Dean is cool!

Rafael Martinez wearing unique Santa Claus T-shirt

Christmas Dinner Committee

Complimentary 'ILY' gift from Andrew Filotwiat and Larry Kronk to Christmas Dinner Committee

So long, Christmas Dinner 2010, till next year